A lockdown marriage proposal with a difference/Escape room fans get engaged online

Openning the safe to find a ring!

“Will you marry me?”. Their friends watched on as Chad got down on one knee and asked the question. And Jenna said yes!

Man proposes to his girlfriend while playing an escape room via live video on Zoom

People have had to get creative about all sorts of things during lockdown – including marriage proposals. Escape room fan Chad Van Dyk (30) from Calgary (Alberta, Canada) came up with something very special to make his proposal to Jenna Bell (28) memorable.

Chad booked a game with HelpUsEscape.com[1], one of the growing number of escape room companies making their games available to be played live via a Zoom call. They played the Casino Office Robbery game and at the culmination of the heist, the safe opened to reveal a Lego bride and groom and the message: “Will you marry me?”. Their friends watched on as Chad got down on one knee and asked the question. And Jenna said yes!

Chad said: “We both love doing escape rooms and I always thought that would be an amazing setting to propose. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic unexpectedly changed those plans so we looked to virtual experiences.”

“When Chad got in touch, I was excited to work with him to create the perfect proposal,” said HelpUsEscape.com[2] founder and chief Game Master, Daniel De Maio. “It was a real honour to be involved in their special moment.”

Chad added: “Daniel was instrumental in helping me propose, he was quick to help create a personalized experience without detracting from the essence of the escape room, he was thorough in his preparation, and went above and beyond expectations by providing us with the recorded stream that we will be able to revisit years later. I think Daniel was more nervous than I was! Thanks again to the entire Help Us Escape crew for the amazing experience.”

Live Video Escape Rooms are a new form of social entertainment that have sprung up to meet the needs of people in lockdown. From uncovering the secrets of a long-lost relative to journeying to the depths of the Pacific ocean, Live Video Escape Rooms allow users to guide a host – via live video – to explore, solve puzzles and uncover mysteries. And there’s no need for friends to miss out – players can join from multiple homes via video links.

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