7 examples of press releases you can write to get your business in the media

There are many press release examples you could use to get inspiration from. However, a lot of small businesses struggle to know what to write about when it comes to PR. 

What do the journalists want to know about my company? Is this story interesting enough to get published? Those are fair questions that you should ask yourself when writing a press release. 

Actually, journalists want to hear news stories. Stories that are connected to a trend or to something that has just happened or is about to happen. Here are seven ideas for what you can write about.

  • The launch of a new product

In a press release, a rule to remember is to tell a story that is newsworthy. Are you launching a new service or a new product that is going to change the world? That’s the best moment to tell your story to the media. 

Let’s imagine you are running a pizza restaurant and you have decided to launch a delivery service to extend your offer. That’s the sort of story that local media or food-related magazines would be happy to share with their readers. Select the right publications and sectors and send a press release to let them know.

  • You’re organising an event

Organising an event can be a very good occasion to send a press release, especially if it has something to do with something going on in the news or in your sector. 

If you are organising a conference on a specific topic and you have invited experts to take part of the conversation, journalists in your sector would probably be interested. If you are sponsoring a race, organising a ceremony, an open day, a promotional event or opening a pop-up shop, don’t hesitate to let journalists and bloggers know, especially if you want them to be present on the day.

For instance, if you’re organising an open day and you let journalists know about it through a release, you’ve got a chance to see a few of them stopping by to meet you. One of our journalists told us that she particularly appreciates when an event is held all day as she can pop over anytime.

Entering awards is a way to boost your PR strategy. Good news, there are hundreds of awards across the UK, and the world, rewarding every type of business, charities or people. 

You can send a press release if you win an award of course, but also if you are shortlisted. Beyond the fact that you have good chances to get covered, winning an award can also reinforce your credibility on your own website if you decide to showcase it on the homepage.

  • New funding in your company

For certain types of publications, financial or business ones for example, a story about how you got funding can be very interesting as it is newsworthy. It shows that you are planning to extend your business and it means that you will probably add a real value to the market. When it comes to the market, journalists are interested.

New funding also means that you’ve got some big projects for the future, for instance, that you are planning to launch a new product or service that will make a difference in your sector. In this case it is important to include your plans in your press release as publications in your industry sector will want to know about it.

Another example of a press release you can write is one announcing an important new partnership. If you are running a small business and you have just finalised a partnership with a big player in your market, journalists and bloggers could want to write about it, especially if customers, clients or anyone are going to benefit from this change.

Also, if you associate your business with a big name in your industry, make sure to make the most of it with a good engagement plan. A press release can help with this as it will raise awareness about it, as well as social media and emailing campaigns.

  • Write a press release about something in the news that affected you

PR, as I said before, is all about being connected to the news and about reacting to what’s going on. You don’t always have to find a story about your own business to send a press release.

As a business, you are probably sometimes affected by things that happen in your industry or more generally in the news. 

Let’s take the example of the Brexit. It comes with a lot of changes, new laws, new business rates, etc. If it has affected your business, it’s a good opportunity to send a press release to the journalists as they are constantly looking for testimonies and quotes to include in their articles.

Generally, anything happening in your sector can be a chance for you to react on. If there is a tax increase, a particular crisis, a market collapse, feel free to talk about the impact that it has had or will have on your business.

Journalists are actually very interested in this kind of comments. Generally, they don’t wait to receive a press release though. They are more likely to ask directly for a comment regarding the news by sending a comment request so make sure you are able to receive them.

JournoLink, for instance, sends journalists’ media requests to your inbox and lets you reply directly to them. You can also follow the #journorequest on Twitter. Lots of journalists and bloggers use it to ask for comments.

  • A piece of research or survey you have conducted

Have you recently conducted a survey about consumer habits in your sector? Have you done some extensive research about your market or your industry? If so, you can send the results or a summary in a press release to journalists and bloggers. They could be interested, especially if the piece of research concerns a specific area or sector.

If the survey relates more to your own business than to your sector, try to think about how you could present it with a new and interesting angle.

When writing a press release, there are many ideas and examples you can get inspiration from. Remember that journalists want to hear stories that are newsworthy. 

Don’t forget to attach a high-res picture to every single press release you send out and try to include quotes. This will increase your chances of coverage. Feel free to read our infographic on how to write a good press release [1]for more information.

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Written by: Julie Cocquerelle, Marketing Executive

Julie has a degree in Marketing and PR, and has worked in marketing for a number of startup businesses, both in France and the UK. She now runs JournoLink’s marketing efforts, and works closely with our partners. When not in the office Julie enjoys travelling and soaking up European culture.


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  2. ^ sign up to our newsletter here. (journolink.us8.list-manage.com)

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