7 examples of press releases you can write to get your business in the media

There are many press release examples you could use to get inspiration from. However, a lot of small businesses struggle to know what to write about when it comes to PR. 

What do the journalists want to know about my company? Is this story interesting enough to get published? Those are fair questions that you should ask yourself when writing a press release. 

Actually, journalists want to hear news stories. Stories that are connected to a trend or to something that has just happened or is about to happen. Here are seven ideas for what you can write about.

  • The launch of a new product

In a press release, a rule to remember is to tell a story that is newsworthy. Are you launching a new service or a new product that is going to change the world? That’s the best moment to tell your story to the media. 

Let’s imagine you are running a pizza restaurant and you have decided to launch a delivery service to extend your offer. That’s the sort of story that local media or food-related magazines would be happy to share with their readers. Select the right publications and sectors and send a press release to let them know.

  • You’re organising an event

Organising an event can be a very good occasion to send a press release, especially if it has something to do with something going on in the news or in your sector. 

If you are organising a conference on a specific topic and you have invited experts to take part of the conversation, journalists in your sector would probably be interested. If you are sponsoring a race, organising a ceremony, an open day, a promotional event or opening a pop-up shop, don’t hesitate to let journalists and bloggers know, especially if you want them to be present on the day.

For instance, if you’re organising an open day and you let journalists know about it through a release, you’ve got a chance to see a few of them stopping by to meet you. One of our journalists told us that she particularly appreciates when an event is held all day as she can pop over anytime.

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