63 Creative Press Release Ideas for Small Businesses

Getting exposure for your business can seem like an overwhelming task at times.

It’s hard to just even get started, and that’s because one problem every entrepreneur’s face is not knowing what they should write about in their press releases.

But don’t let that stop you from sending press releases, because that can mean many missed opportunities for traffic and conversions.

Besides, every business has a story… things you are already doing that are worthy of attention. The media needs to know this. Your customers need to know this.

Really, this is how your branding can be build up because it is through understanding the business stories that create value for your business.

That’s why to inspire and make sure you stand out in the crowd, here’re 98 creative business ideas that any small businesses can adopt.

Timely vs Evergreen News

Before heading onto the list, let’s make this clear. The key to using press releases effectively is to focus on newsworthy events.

However, this doesn’t mean just sharing timely, relevant news such as a product release or an event launch. The best news stories just might be something evergreen such as your business mission or you sharing industry insights.

Evergreen stories can be more useful than promotional news, as editors are looking for user stories that appeal to their readers.

So don’t limit your press releases to just news, the key is how you deliver your story into news that people care and here are some creative press release ideas to get you started.

(I) Focus on Your Business

You can always create a press release that talks about your business in general.

This gives your customers and even investors the chance to learn more about your business when they visit your website or find you on media sites.

Seeing your name or business mention on premium news media sites Reuters or Yahoo News can help you command respect, much more than a sales brochure or catalog.

For an evergreen press release about your business, you can talk about the human interest side of your business, like for example:

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