11 Creative Ways to Get Press for Your Business

5. Reading Help a Reporter Out
Reporters post queries on the Help a Reporter Out website, and my PR director responds regularly when our company may be a good fit for the story. It’s a wonderful way to connect with reporters and provide relevant, timely information. The alerts come through her inbox daily, and she responds for us.
– Tom CannonBungoBox[10][11][12]

6. Hosting an Event
If you can take the time to host an event without making it all about your own company, reporters will take notice. Thought leadership builds over time, and you can’t be a self-promoter. By hosting industry events and allowing other companies (even competitors) to describe their successes and failures, you’ll see long-term benefits in terms of press and other earned media.
– Ryan BuckleyScripted, Inc.[13][14]

7. Sharing Research Findings
Reporters love to share research findings. Could you do a basic study within your own industry? Do you already have access to data that could be turned into findings that others would find interesting? If you can compile interesting research that ties back to your company in a creative way, it will be easy to reach out to relevant reporters to share the story.
– Allie SiartoLoudpixel[15][16]

8. Reaching Out on Social Media
My company is on Twitter and is pretty good at interacting with local people we meet and work with. I wanted to get my business on a local news show, so after a bit of investigation, I tweeted at the producer of the program. I knew what kind of content she needed, and I told her how I could do that on TV. She agree, and I did a full demo on a local TV show. Be creative, and use social media in a new way!
– Kyle ClaytonJackrabbit Janitorial[17][18]

9. Getting to Know the Writers
Get to know the media, blogs, etc. that you want to cover your story, and figure out which writer covers the topics you’d like to talk about. Then get to know this writer, and don’t be selfish by only wanting him to write about you. Offer your help, as well. Figure out a way to make friends with the writers. In my experience, it’s fun and the most effective way to keep good media relations.
– Iliya YordanovSilverWiz[19][20]

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